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Hemp is a popular material for natural food supplements and organic clothing… but why?

Hemp has been around for thousands of years and can be grown with just rainwater in a variety of climates without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Its root systems are incredibly beneficial and actually improves the soil in which it’s grown.

A concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids, Hemp Oil can be taken without concern for mercury poisoning and other contaminates found in fish oil.

When hemp is used to make paper, the fibres are longer than the fibres in wood pulp, allowing hemp paper to be recycled several times more than wood paper. Hemp fields yield four times the fibre per acre that tree forests produce, but hemp only takes 6-8 months to reach maturity.

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Aids in sleep (CBN), reduce seizures & convulsions (CBD, THCv), relieve anxiety (CBD).
Appetite suppressant (THCv), appetite stimulant (THC), help reduce small intestine contractions (CBD).
Kills or slows bacteria growth (CBD, CBG), reduces blood sugar levels (CBD).
CBD Oil Benefits
Promotes bone growth (CBD, CBG, CBC, THCv), reduce muscle spasms (THC, CBD, CBN).
Can inhibit cell growth in tumours and cancer cells (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC), reduces or eliminates pain (THC, CBD, CBN, CBC).
Can help reduce the risk of artery blockage (CBD). Increase cerebral blood flow (THC, CBD).

*Disclaimer: Benefits are not guaranteed.

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Joan Williams 01/08/2018

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Barbara Robinson 13/08/2018

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Anne Kiddell 30/07/2018

Brilliant company, easy to deal with, products are very effective. Delivery was very fast

JAKE Crisp 01/08/2018

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